Referral Fees

Referral Fee Policy

Referral Fees to Attorneys LawyersThe Ryneal & Ryneal law firm welcomes referrals from other lawyers. We consider client case referrals the highest compliment one lawyer can pay to another, and we eagerly welcome the opportunity to act as co-counsel, joint counsel, or assume the entire representation of clients on behalf of fellow referring attorneys.

Up to 50% Referral Fees

Consistent with State Bar Rule 2-200, we will pay referral fees to other attorneys/lawyers who refer their clients for representation in their specific personal injury or wrongful death cases. The referral fees are calculated as a percentage of the fee earned by this office in a given case. The referral fee percentage ranges anywhere from between 33 1/3%  up to 50% of the attorney’s fees earned depending on the nature of the case, its complexity, and at what stage of the litigation process the referral of the case is made to Ryneal & Ryneal.

As required by California State Bar rules, all referral fee arrangements are fully disclosed to the client who consents in writing to the referral fee agreement between Ryneal & Ryneal and the referring attorney. The referral fee agreement does not, of course, increase the fee owed ultimately by the client. It is simply an agreement between counsel, consented to by the client, to share the fee the client agrees to pay this office.

Each potential case referral is promptly considered by this office on a case by case basis. We have traditionally accepted referrals on cases at all different stages of litigation, including referrals made shortly after the accident occurs, others after litigation has been filed, and even cases where the referral is made shortly before trial.

If you are a lawyer and have an interest in potentially referring a case to us, or if you have any questions regarding the firm’s referral fee policy, please feel free to contact us to discuss these matters prior to making the referral.

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