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When You Should Speak To An Insurance Adjuster

AVVO questioner asked:

Should I already have an Attorney before initially communicating with the other party insurance company for a slip and fall?

Steve Ryneal answered:

In a personal injury case involving a slip and fall it is always advisable to consult (if not retain) an attorney to represent yourself before communicating with a potential defendant or especially his insurance company.  It must be kept in mind that any potential defendant property owner and his insurance company’s interests are totally adverse to the injured victim who fell on the property.

Given that reality the insurance company’s adjuster will typically contact the slip-and-fall victim and try to take a recorded or handwritten and signed statement from the injured victim and have it phrased in such a way as to mitigate the property owner’s liability and try and place responsibility on the victim himself by eliciting facts during the interview or signed statement that would suggest that the injured victim was negligent himself when he slipped and fell on the property



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