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  • Defective Products Cases

    An Avvo user asked:  “I posted this before, but still confused. Was trying to open a jar of Del Monte grapefruit. Was on far too tight and a result it exploded in my hand. My thumb was badly cut and it severed the nerve. I …

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  • Statement Of Damages

    AVVO questioner asked:  Do I need to file the statement of damages with the court or just file the proof of service? Steve Ryneal answered:   Under California law a plaintiff by statute may not state a specific amount for his personal injury and other …

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  • When You Should Speak To An Insurance Adjuster

    AVVO questioner asked: Should I already have an Attorney before initially communicating with the other party insurance company for a slip and fall? Steve Ryneal answered: In a personal injury case involving a slip and fall it is always advisable to consult (if not retain) …

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